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BUFFALO AirStation AC1200 (AC866 + N300) Gigabit Dual Band Open Source DD-WRT NXT Wireless Router


Buffalo's AirStation DD-WRT NXT Wireless Routers are high-speed, open source dual-band solutions that deliver the latest Wi-Fi technology and high performance networking. DD-WRT NXT is the latest in open source router technology and will continue to evolve in its capabilities as more features are added to the firmware or made available via software modules. This technology offers advanced features and low-level device management, unlocking extensive capabilities and potential with increased network stability. Ideal for high bandwidth applications, Buffalo's DD-WRT NXT routers are equipped with powerful features such as Gigabit Ethernet and Open VPN. With the open source DD-WRT NXT firmware pre-installed, the AirStation DD-WRT NXT routers offer key advantages for high bandwidth users and provide the ability to set up a high performance network with advanced configurations.