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Business Plan Unlimited Calling Throughout Canada/USA and The Territories plus all *Features.


·        Voice Mail when all lines busy

·        Full Warranty on Service -  Manufacturer's Warranty on Hardware

·        Canada USA Calling - no Caps

·        Unlimited Auto Attendants

·        Unlimited Ring Groups

·        Voice Mail and Voice Mail to Email

·        Mobile Apps

·        One Direct (Private) Number Per Line

·        Conference Bridge - limited to number of Lines

·        Flexible Night Answer

·        Call Out List - one call per line

·        Auto Company Directory

·        Dial by Name


911 Calling:  Lift your handset and dial 911.  An Emergency service operator will assist you.


Caller ID With Name: Always know who is calling before you lift the handset.


Call Waiting: Never miss a call, if you have call display, we even tell you who the 2nd call is from.


Three Way Calling: Want to add a 3rd party to your call, just flash to hookswitch and dial them.


Call Transfer: Want to forward the call to someones cell phone, flash the hookswitch, dial the number and then disconnect.


Voice Mail:  Make sure you never miss someone.  Voice mail is an easy way to keep in touch.


Voice Mail to Email:  An easy way to track your voice mail messages, send you an email with the voice mail attached to it.


Voice Mail On Line:  Log onto your phone account, view, listen, forward or delete you voice mail messages with our user friendly web interface.


On Line Administrator:  Friendly web interface allows you to easily setup cell phones, call forwarding, manage voice mail and view call history.


Last Number Redial: Easily redial the last number you dialed, lift the handset and press *66.


Do Not Disturb:  Want some quiet time at home, lift your handset and dial *78 to turn it on or *79 to disable Do Not Disturb.


Call Forwarding:  For times you are away and you want your phone redirected, lift the handset and dial *72 or use our the web interface.


Cell Mate:  Need to always be in touch, set your phone to ring your cell phone at the same time it rings your home phone using the web interface.


Reverse Call:  If you subscribe to our Canada/USA package, we include reverse calling from all of 613 area code as well as Toronto and Montreal.


Auto Attendant:  Send all inbound calls to your automated attendant, multiple levels and choices with pre defined options.


Hunt Groups:  The Hunt Group option lets you ring multiple phones at one, if no one answers, use a 2nd or 3rd option.


Day/Night Answer:  Use live answer in the day time, then at noon, evenings or weekends, send you calls to the auto attendant, a remote phone or voice mail.


Cell LD:  Reduce Cell Long Distance charges, or hide your Cell ID.  You can call your local extension, then make a call to any external party you choose.


Key System Operation (KSO):  Are your employees accustomed to a conventional Phone System.  You can place a call on hold and pick it up at another extension by pressing a button.


Remote Office:  This solution lets you place your phones anywhere there is a good internet connection, remote offices with a single management point are now the norm.


SoftPhone:  For the travelling employee, install a softphone on their LapTop and they can keep in touch, even at a Tim Horton's  - anywhere with public Wifi.


Remote Numbers:  Doing business or providing service in other cities, add a local number for that city and your callers can reach you for free, giving the appearance you are local.