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WeBoost Home 3G 473105F Cellular Phone Signal Booster

C$439.99 C$399.99

Wilson 473105 Home 3G with weBoost branding is among the most economical and popular in the range of 3G boosters for the home, because it offers the most value for the money when it comes to signal strength improvement. The weBoost 473105 or 473105F is for use in the home and specifically built to cover small areas such as a home office desk space. The primary purpose of the Home 3G is to act as an amplifier for 3G signals.

Whether you re streaming movies, checking email or making a call, Home 3G gives you a stronger, more reliable signal where you need it most. The weBoost Home 3G cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices smartphones, tablets, etc. - in 1 to 2 rooms of your home or workspace.

  • Stronger cellular signal in 1 to 2 rooms
  • Works with all carriers
  • Boosts signal for multiple cellular devices simultaneously
  • Works with all cellular devices
  • Extends battery life of your cell phone
  • All needed components included in kit
  • Simple installation
  • Eliminates dropped calls
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Quickly delivered text