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APC P8T3 8-Outlet 2770 J Surge Protectors



The "APC P8T3 8-Outlet 2770 J Surge Protectors" with Mov and Thermal fuse technologies can safeguard multiple gadgets from power surges at the same time.

Prevent electronic devices from getting damaged due to voltage spikes and fluctuations by using the APC P8T3 8-Outlet 2770 J Surge Protector. You can use this device with PC systems. It brings 8 surge-protected outlets to extend support to multiple gadgets at the same time. The Mov and Thermal fuse technologies is responsible for shielding the surge protector as well as the connected appliances in case of electrical spikes. Its Joule rating of 2770 Joules ensures a long lifespan and makes it a good option for household as well as office use. This device uses right angle plugs and a long 6 ft. cable to facilitate easy installation and appliance connection. There are LED indicators on the surge protector to let you know that the device is protected and grounded.

  • Works well with PC systems
  • 8 outlets for powering multiple devices at the same time
  • 2770 Joule rating for a relatively long lifespan
  • $150,00 Lifetime connected equipment protection
  • Right angle plugs for added convenience
  • Cable measures 6' for ease of use